Enjoy the life and times of me, 
Knuckles Dierker the Hawaiian Hound, whose fame includes having 
part of the “Best Beach in the World” named after me.

But I’m most famous for sharing the “secret of life”
which we hounds know best:
KNUCKLES - The Hound of Hanalei

If you want to know what your Dog is thinking, or has always been trying to tell you,

just ask Knuckles:



Bow Wow, at Last! 
Me and my Food Lady are now taking orders online for my big and beautiful book: 

“Knuckles, the Hound of Hanalei”

Order your copy today just $15 plus $7 shipping,

(second copy to same address is shipped free)

Your book comes with a free set of “Paw” stickers.

Wags and whiskers are always free.

Follow Knuckles, in his beautifully illustrated, hardcover books,

on his journey from the animal shelter to his new life on the beach

and learn Hawaiian words along the way.

“Knuckles” are great books for beginning readers and they include a Hawaiian glossary and pronunciation guide.