Songs for the road

  1. 1.Hello Beautiful,

   you smell so good.

  1. 2.Hold me, touch me.

  2. 3.I wanna be your Hound

My photo albums

On the Road Again

My Life

My life began when one fine day at the Hound Pound the “Food Lady” and “Big Rick” got lucky and fell in love with me. I must confess, I was the one who really got lucky - because it was a surefire case of what we hounds always hope for - ‘love at first sight’. Then together we drove off toward many happy sunsets...(and many hugs after warm dinners)

All About Me and my OHANA (FAMILY)
Names:Knuckles, Hound Boy, 
Knuckle Head
Age: 7 to you, 3 to my girlfriends
Birthday: Everyday I get fed
College: Kauai Humane Society 
Major: Escape Artist
Favorite Vacation: The other side of the stream to “Grandpa’s beach.”

Favorite song: “Mr. Bo Jangles”
Favorite Movie: “Dog Meets Grill”
Favorite Quote: If they are not looking, “Grab it and Eat it!”